Roy’s World: Barry Gifford & Chicago

Milhorat joins Rob Christopher as Editor for his upcoming film, Roy’s World: Barry Gifford in Chicago.

“Barry Gifford is one of America’s greatest storytellers. His work includes the novel Wild at Heart, which was adapted by David Lynch into a Palme d’Or-winning film, and dozens of other screenplays, novels and books of poetry and essays. In a series of autobiographical stories spanning more than forty years he has chronicled the adventures of Roy, a boy coming of age largely on the gritty streets of 1950s Chicago.

In Roy’s World: Barry Gifford & Chicago, excerpts from the Roy stories performed by Willem Dafoe, Matt Dillon, and Lili Taylor will be interwoven with Gifford’s recollections of his childhood. Fusing vintage footage and photographs of Chicago with an evocative jazz score by Jason Adasiewicz, Roy’s World will present an impressionistic portrait of a vanished world.” (RC) 

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