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November 2017



Une Terre familière is featured in Labocine’s November issue, “Psychological Architectures”.

“Exterior reality reflects the interior. This relationship can extend in both directions. At home we may surround ourselves with significant objects and build our spaces into extensions of our mental states — attics of memory, basements of the subconscious, rooms housing hopes, desires, and practical working recall. Conversely, city planning and civic architecture have long been tools to shape the psyches of their inhabitants from the top down, to utopian or dystopian purpose. But how is the mind itself structured? What can be observed from outside? Its complexity defies analogy, but we try anyway — neurons may be forests of interlocked branches, interconnected circuits become labyrinths, the optic lobe the ultimate movie theater. This month’s issue explores the dual subjects of psychology and architecture, winding through asylums and laboratories, family homes and crumbling apartment blocks that nonetheless nurture dreams. The design of our environments is inherently connected to and expressed by our thinking. Sometimes, inner and outer worlds may be the same.” (Labocine)

“Labocine is an Imagine Science Films initiative to extend our film programming to a broader and more diverse audience. We have over 1,500 film titles from 200 countries for all ages brought to you by artists, scientists, filmmakers and educators.

By experimenting with cinematic form and style, we are committed to provoking scientific intrigue and understanding, always ensuring compelling and well-founded narratives. Periodically, we release Spotlights online. On the first Tuesday of every month, enjoy our issue selections which complement newsworthy science by proposing a surgically curated online festival. From documentary to fiction to lab footage, we hope to always challenge the way you understand, interpret and appreciate scientific ideas and perspectives.” (Labocine)


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